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Better Recovery for BACK PAIN Patients

Get patient's to take an active role in their physiotherapy treatment programme to achieve a better recovery.

21 October 2014

Lifestyle changes of exercise & diet should be tried first

Exercise and diet changes should be tried first before resorting to medication therapy for patients at high risk of heart attacks or strokes

20 October 2014

Shoulders benefit from HANDS-ON Physio!

Shoulders seem to respond better and the benefit last longer when treated with manual therapy compared to injection therapy.

14 October 2014

National BackCare Awareness Week 6th-12th October

Approaches to help prevent or alleviate BACK PAIN

06 October 2014

Report from Fit to Work Coalition

Physiotherapists are to encourage their patients with musculoskeletal disorders to learn to self-manage their conditions and symptoms better.

17 September 2014

Drinking Milk May Slow The Progression of Knee Arthritis

Exercise, diet and weight control are all useful to limit the onset and progression of arthritis.

01 September 2014

Exercise May reduce Osteoarthritis of the Knee

Exercises will help to keep joints moving, maintain and strengthen the muscles to provide a healthier body reducing the stress and strain on problematic joints.

25 August 2014

Overweight Children are at risk of developing Asthma

Encourage children to eat healthly and be active to try to minimise the risk of developing this life threatening condition ASTHMA.

20 August 2014

The relationship between WAISTLINES and DIABETES

The risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes is related to the size of your waistline

12 August 2014

Physio's MUST help overweight patients to deal with their problems

Physiotherapists can help overweight patients by Ask, Advise & Assist

04 August 2014

"Doing Sport Differently" & "Want to get into Sport"

2 new booklets have been published encouraging people to participate in sport irrespective of their ability or disability.

13 September 2012

BMJ confirms the benefits of Physiotherapy for Parkinson's patients

A recent review confirms the benefits and effectiveness of Physiotherapy for Parkinson's Patients

05 September 2012

So that's why Olympic Stars are covered in sticky tape

Did you or did you not wonder why so many of the athletes were wearing brightly coloured sticky tape and what it was all for?
It is in fact kinesiology tape used to treat musculoskeletal injuries, but what does it do, and does it really work?

04 September 2012

How Pilates Can Make Your Bad Back Worse

The article written in the Daily Mail on June 19, 2012, shows just how important finding the most suitably trained therapist for each individual is.

09 August 2012

Gill's approach is to think about the individual behind the pain, and so she treats that person. She's an outstanding practitioner, who inspires trust and confidence.


I'm delighted to give a testimonial for Gill Huckett's Hatfield physiotherapy practice, Physio 23. I've been seeing Gill for several years now. I was referred to her, following an episode of bad back pain. After a careful and thorough initial assessment, and physio treatment, Gill also showed me some daily Pilates exercises to do at home, backed up with written instructions – with easy-to-follow pictures! Regular treatments and the exercises helped me to recover well. As my back problem is chronic, I currently see her for maintenance treatments and these have proved to be invaluable.

Mrs P W from Watford