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How Pilates Can Make Your Bad Back Worse

The article written in the Daily Mail on June 19, 2012, shows just how important finding the most suitably trained therapist for each individual is. The article advises that anyone who has had even one day of back pain will be susceptible to further injury unless they strengthen their “core stability muscles.”

Physiotherapists that have trained via the APPI organisation (Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute), uses adapted Pilates exercises, so that anyone can do them whatever their ability. The main differences between APPI and other Pilates organisations is that:-

  • All the instructors are trained physiotherapists with a good understanding and knowledge of anatomy and back conditions.
  • All participants must undertake an initial one to one assessment to identify present and past relevant medical information.
  • Participants will be taught in advance of the class starting, where the muscles are and how to activate them correctly.
  • Class sizes are kept to a maximum of 12 participants so the instructor can monitor, correct and modify the exercises appropriately for each individual.

Physio 23 offers Pilates classes having been trained using the APPI approach. For further information or an informal discussion as to whether Pilates would be suitable for you, please do contact us.

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My therapist explainned everything in clear understandable language. All exercises I had to do were well explainned and worked!


My therapist explainned all the joints / muscles that were affected and why certain movements could trigger them. All exercises I had to do were well explainned and worked!

Mrs S N of Welham Green