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Shoulders benefit from HANDS-ON Physio!

A recent survey of 104 adults of working age, all diagnosed with shoulder impingement syndrome were randomly selected to receive either a steroid injection or a course of manual therapy. Both groups were also given exercises to do at home.

The injection group were able to have a further 2 injections within a year if required, whilst the treatment group had 6 X 30 minutes sessions of physiotherapy within 3 weeks. Both groups showed significant improvement in pain and disability after treatment and during the following year. However the group having had injections, were found to visit their doctor more often requesting further treatment compared with the physiotherapy treatment group. This shows that the hands-on treatment approach had not only more significantly improved but the benefits also lasted  much longer and sought further treatment much less.

We at Physio 23 adopt a policy of Hands-On treatment whenever possible as we have found that patients respond better to this approach and prefer this to machines “fixing them.”

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