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So that's why Olympic Stars are covered in sticky tape

So that’s why Olympic stars are covered in sticky tape!
Did you or did you not wonder why so many of the athletes were wearing brightly coloured sticky tape and what it was all for?
It is in fact kinesiology tape used to treat musculoskeletal injuries, but what does it do, and does it really work?
Well, it was originally developed in the 70’s by a Japanese chiropractor, and then first appeared in the 2004 Athens Olympics, but only more recently has it become more popular in Britain.
The fabric tape which is designed to stretch by up to 50% of its original length, when applied to the skin under tension, lift up the affected tissue, assisting with the drainage of fluid. This in turn reduces pressure on injured structures, and hence reduces pain. It is also thought to ease movement, improve blood circulation and muscle function, and hence reduce inflammation and pain.
People using this tape as part of their physiotherapy treatment sessions, have had mixed views and results with it, generally saying it has worked for some people and not for others.
Physiotherapists when questioned reported that “taping previously was seen as a rigid support to hold a joint still in position”, this is now more dynamic allowing movement with the support, around an injured joint. The general opinion of all using it is the same, ”more independent research is still required”

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My therapist explainned everything in clear understandable language. All exercises I had to do were well explainned and worked!


My therapist explainned all the joints / muscles that were affected and why certain movements could trigger them. All exercises I had to do were well explainned and worked!

Mrs S N of Welham Green