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Acupuncture is one of the oldest recorded forms of medicine, having been used for over 3,000 years in China. We do not know fully how it produces its effects, but there are several theories on how it works. The important thing is that it does work, and any side effects are extremely rare.

Modern science has shown that acupuncture stimulates the brain to produce natural pain relieving chemicals, endorphins. These assist the body to heal itself and give pain relief. The traditional view is that there are energy meridians running throughout the body. When our bodies are healthy, there is plenty of energy and it flows smoothly. However if we fall ill, the energy flow is disrupted. Needles are inserted into the body within these meridians as a means of restoring the balance, and promoting the bodies own natural healing properties.

Increasingly Physiotherapists are using acupuncture as an adjunct to manual treatments, and there is good evidence for its effectiveness.

Many conditions may be helped by acupuncture including;

  • Acute or chronic injuries
  • Muscle & joint problems
  • Back & neck pain
  • Arthritis & rheumatism
  • Sports injuries
  • Headaches & many more

There are several reasons why you should see a chartered Physiotherapist if you think you want acupuncture;

  • Chartered Physiotherapists work in close association with GP’s & consultants.
  • All have undergone extensive professional qualifications prior to training for acupuncture at a post-graduate level 
  • Chartered Physiotherapists who wish to practise acupuncture have to become members of the Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists (AACP), which ensures all clinicians are qualified to practise safe & effective treatment, bound by strict professional & ethical codes of good conduct.

“Acupuncture is viewed by physiotherapists as a complementary rather than an alternative therapy” 

As a physiotherapist Gill has been exceptional. She is highly qualified and has a high degree of clinical proficiency as well as being very caring and sympathetic, which we both find very reassuring...


Lawrence and I have been patients of Gill as a physiotherapist for about seven years and have also attended her Pilates classes for about five years.

As a physiotherapist she has been exceptional. She is highly qualified and has a high degree of clinical proficiency as well as being very caring and sympathetic, which we both find very reassuring. I had surgery on my shoulder after which I was unable to raise my arm properly. With the help of Gill’s treatment my shoulder has recovered 100% of its mobility. Lawrence has had 5 major spinal operations over the last two years and Gill has been invaluable over that time. Between each operation she has maximised his recovery and given him treatment and exercises to minimise muscle wastage. We are confident that with her help he will make a full recovery.

We have both attended her Clinical Pilates classes and have found them extremely helpful. Gill uses the APPI method of Pilates and always ensures that each member of the class only takes any exercise to a level appropriate for them. I now attend two classes each week and would do more if I could.

I have recommended Gill to several members of my family and friends who have all been more than happy with the treatment they have received.

Mr & Mrs L.& N. S from Radlett