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Hand Injuries

Hand Injuries

The non-surgical management of hand disorders and injuries, using physical methods such as joint mobilisations, stretches, exercises, heat, splinting, wound care and scar massage.

This treatment approach may also involve the treatment of areas of the upper limb which are commonly involved with the recovery of normal hand function.

Common conditions treated include:

  • Arthritic joint pain
  • Wrist / Colles fracture
  • Finger and Thumb sprains, dislocations, fractures / breaks
  • Post-operative dupuytrens release
  • DeQuarains Syndrome
  • Carpal Tunnel syndrome, or post-operative release
  • Tendon and nerve injuries

Everything was FAB!


Everything was FAB. Thank you for all your support and advice with my injuries. I would definately return (but hopefully won't need to...)

Mr R F from Hatfield